Automatic refill service

When you sign up for our refill service, you (the Customer) understand and acknowledge that you are signing up for a 21-day trial period, which you only pay for the product with a discount plus shipping fee. If you feel that the product is not for you and you do not want to be invoiced in the future for new deliveries, please send us an email within your trial period expires (21 days from your first order). If you do not contact us by email to cancel your subscription service within your 21-day trial period, we assume that you are satisfied with your product and the automatic refill service will begin and you will be charged the item price plus shipping fee each month.

Please note that refill services have a discount service so you are charged less than the retail prices you find on the website. Then we will send you a new bottle every month with a 30 day delivery interval. Our refill service ensures that you do not run out of product while you wait for a new order after your trial period, and helps you keep your lifestyle change stable. Once you have signed up for the “Automatic Refill Service”, we will continue to ship products to you every 30 days and charge you the associated monthly price plus shipping fee until you unsubscribe from your Automatic Refill Service.

No other charges or payments will be attempted automatically and no additional orders will be processed except for your primary refill service. By signing up for our 21-day trial period, you accept these terms. Cancellation of our refill service within the first 21 days of a monthly refill service will prevent subsequent shipments or billing. Cancellation after the first 21 days of a monthly refill service period will result in a final shipment and the associated monthly fee.

If you have entered a valid credit card number or alternative payment method, there will be an automatic charge for your refill service product, including shipping and handling and applicable taxes, this will be processed automatically during each refill service period on or around the same day of month as your first purchase of automatic filling. The amount of each actual automatic refill service may vary due to price changes, shipping amounts and applicable tax rates, any exchange rate changes. Auto Refill Service reflects the pricing of Auto Refill Service at the time of each payment, excluding sale or discount prices.

Cannamor may cancel your Auto Refill Service or Auto Refill Service at any time for any reason or for no reason. You can change or cancel your refill service at any time by emailing our customer service. Cancellations must be received three days before the next scheduled payment takes effect in the following period of automatic filling. After cancellation, you will receive a confirmation email as proof of your cancellation and your account is closed.

You must provide up-to-date, complete and accurate information to your billing account. You are responsible for ensuring that this information is correct and must immediately update all information to keep your billing account current, complete and accurate (eg a change of billing address, credit card number or credit card expiration date). You must notify us immediately if your credit card is canceled (for example, for loss or theft). Changes to such information may be made by contacting our customer service.

Cancellation, return and refund policy

We always want to be fully satisfied with any product you receive from us. Therefore, you are always free to terminate your automatic refill service for all future deliveries, except for an initial monthly billing period or regular purchase where the product has already been shipped and received by you.